Facilitating participation and skills development for people in search of a (another) job as actors of their own training by promoting the concept of lifelong learning as active measure meant to combat their social exclusion and self-exclusion.


Providing equal opportunities for socially disadvantaged people to gain knowledge necessary

for an active life in the community by attending the Personal Development Club. Vocational Crafts School.


Providing services in human resources able to lead

to the success of any economic or human enterprise. Increasing business market competitiveness of organisations through the harmonisation of the individuals’ interests with the firms’ objectives.


  a positive philosophy in order to determine clients to change their view on their current situation, to regain confidence, to improve their professional performances, to acquire new skills;

  equality of opportunities irrespective of gender, religion, ethnicity, operating capacity, etc.

  human resources as an essential component in increasing any organisation’s  economic competitiveness.